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Metal processing of chip removing is physical treatment of metals which is made with the help of the wedge blades that penetrate the metal suitable ...
After scraping, milling is the most important procedure in metal processing. Milling is such a method in which the tool performs the main movement. This ...
Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing fusion, which is distinct from lower temperature metal-joining techniques ...
Als Spezialist für Kunstofftechnik bieten wir Ihnen ein komplettes Paket aus Ersatzteilen, Baugruppen und Service rund um Ihre KRONES Contiform & C3  an UNSERE DIENSTLEISTUNG ...

“Money gives you power, but fortunately pleasure is often priceless!”

About us

Private company ``SATO`` Kraljevo - production company in the area of machine industry, trade and services, was founded in 1983 in Frankfurt, Germany. The company was transferred to Serbia in 2000, where it continued with the successful work from previous period.

The most asked questions

  • What dimensions can be processed?

    The maximum diameter of the workpiece on cnc lathes is Ø600 mm, maximum turning length 1200 mm. As for milling parts we are able to ...

  • What kinds of metals can be processed?

    We are able to provide and process all kinds of metal, which naturally enclose attest.

  • Do you perform delivery of parts to the customer’s address?

    We provide direct delivery to the customer anywhere in Europe.

  • Are you able to provide surface protection?

    We are able to deliver parts with the protected surface.

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